Newsletter 185 - Effective Meetings

Newsletter 185 – Effective Meetings

In the Argus of 10-12 November (Talent Section), Emmanuel Zvada  a HRD consultant wrote an interesting article on “How to make workplace meetings effective”

“The true reflection of many meetings is that they are often derailed from their main focus, take to long, do not actually produce the change they intend to bring and are actually where managers or superiors just tell their subordinates what to do and when to do it…meetings are an investment…good meeting-management leads to worker participation and thus boosts productivity”.


  • Have a clear agenda and clear objectives of the meeting
  • Report previous minutes
  • Stick to scheduled time
  • Encourage and manage participant contributions
  • Summarize the agreed key decisions and actions
  • Review the effectiveness of the meeting – was the objective met?
  • Make closing remarks and thank everyone
  • And if I may add Be Flexible and
  • Morning/Afternoon briefing (10-15 minutes) follows accordingly.

This is the last letter for 2018. See you soon in 2019. Be safe and enjoy the very short break.

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