Mrs C Poole - Principal Belmor PS:

Mr Daniels has acquired excellent and specialised management skill to empower others. He understands the management requirement of Education Law, Policy, School Development and Governance. His understanding of the legal framework and history of South African Legislation is very impressive.

Blomvlei Primary School:

• “It (coaching process) is taxing but we got use to it” • “You (the coach) know what you talking about – I know where you come from – I am happy” • “The history you have with the school – (you will) give us an honest opinion” • “You are always well prepared – you did not waste our time” • “I enjoyed it” • “The focus of the conversation was about our sphere of influence – things we can do better” • “I enjoyed the learner discipline module” • “Orientation & Induction – it made me sit back and realize how to hold on to new teachers” • “I was disappointed in item-error analysis – there is no template or software – to make it easier” • “I learnt a lot of going back using item-error analysis"

Mr Smith Newfields PS:

Mr Daniels has shown that he is very pro-active, organised and forward thinking. His interpersonal skills enabled him to deal with all matters in an amicable manner and his open-door policy encouraged principals to approach him at any or all times. His initiative with regards to the School Development Plan paved the way for much needed forward planning that covered all aspects related to whole school evaluation. He always kept abreast of all educative matters and he was always able to provide answers, solutions, suggestions or recommendations to questions and/or queries from principals. Mr Daniels always supported the principals and would arrange meetings to address any shortcomings or concerns in a non-threatening manner.

Mr Daniels ensured that there was a healthy balance between compliance and development. He always emphasised that compliance was necessary but that equal importance should be placed on development, growth and empowerment, I am positive that he will acquit himself well in any position that he is placed and I am confident that he will excel and be successful.

Phundalwazi High School:

"These sessions (Practical Coaching) makes me warm" - Deputy-Principal. SMT - "It was not very easy for our meetings - but the process was necessary", "Very fruitful", "I am happy and overwhelming", "Realistic and authentic", "Monitoring and evaluation", "Item and Error analysis" was wonderful, but it is a mammoth task", "We now know what is expected of us"

Langa High School:

Mr Magugu (School Principal) - I am very happy for the mentoring. The mentor knows his stuff. The staff and SMT appreciates the coaching and mentoring support and welcomes the discipline of the mentor. Thanks for supporting us with establishing basic functionality. The SGB is looking forward to your mentoring and coaching. 

Published Articles:

Since 2013 and backdated to 1985/6 numerous Opinion Articles have appeared in the (1) Western Cape Teachers Union (WECTU) News (2) South - A community newspaper of the 80's (3) South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) (4) The New Age Newspaper - 2013-2015 (5) Athlone News - A community newspaper in 2014

Mfuleni Primary School:

The most useful modules-"School Orientation & Induction", "Management-by-walking-About (MBWA)", "Instructional Leadership", "M&E" and "The Role of home vis-a-vis school". "I know what is expected of a school leader". "We must monitor reading". "We can now give new and young teachers support". "We did not get tired because it is part of the job - we must go the extra mile". "The Coach is always early and on time". "Coach is transparent, open and does not hide things - we are given a chance to participate". "I appreciate his open criticism-it appeals to me". "We were very comfortable with the Coach-he is good"

Destiny Academy - Oudtshoorn:

A very big thank you. We thank you for the advice,assistance and directions to lead our school to the next level . It is highly appreciated. We see (look) forward to continue work close with you. Blessings Destiny Staff

Public Dialogue - A Revisioning of South African Schooling - August 2016:

IJR Public Dialogue: A REVISIONING OF SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOLING Event Report Date: 22 August 2016 Venue: The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation Number of attendees: 33 The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation hosted a Public Dialogue which engaged the audience on the Ministerial Task Teams (MTT) report on the Jobs-For-Cash scandal in the Education Schooling Sector. This report explored the findings of the investigation on allegations into the selling of posts of educators by members of the teachers unions and departmental officials in provincial education departments. The purpose of the dialogue was to focus and critically discuss the implications of the recommendations made by the MTT. Various stakeholders within the sector had been invited including teacher organisations, school governing body associations, principals associations, teachers, HEI, academics and the broader public. Reflections: 1. Having the chairperson of the appointed Task Team, Dr John Volmink, present and leading the discussion was important and added great value to the proceedings of the evening. The rest of the panel which included Dr Gallie, Michael Gardener and Selvin Daniels, all seasoned educators, provided invaluable insights and set the tone for the rest of the conversation. It was also good having Reg Brijraj, the CEO of SACE present as SACE featured quite prominently in the report. 

Forest Village Learning Academy - Collaboration School (2 Ocean Education Foundation-2OEF):

  • Facilitator is knowledgeable
  • Content is very informative
  • Good opportunity for discussion & revisiting systems and procedures
  • SMT use this time to connect
  • Most like modules are (1) Item-error-analysis (2) Assessment (3) Home vis-a-vis School (4) School Orientation and Induction 

Faseega Solomons - SADTU Education Convenor:


  • "We have had a session on Instructional Leadership - Purple Tod design is more impressive"
  • A different way of working with management in schools
  • The coach-coachee relationship is build on the assumption of a shared vision and synergy amongst the SMT


  • Based on feedback from teachers SADTU will advocate and support Practical Coaching Programme of PTC
  • SADTU is impressed with innovation and pioneering work
  • Planning and administration was very effecient
  • Facilitator patient, diligent and understanding 
  • Facilitator exhibits an in-depth understanding of education
  • Topics very informative and very relevant
  • Facilitator stimulated staff and consider constructive solutions
  • Facilitator created an open and safe space for dialogue
  • The atmosphere was always relaxed
  • Staff agreed they were exposed to very practical tools
  • Through coaching the SMT accepted responsibility and were made aware of their duty to induct new teachers
  • Participants agreed coaching time was well spent and that facilitator has wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mr Rajkumar Principal-Starling Primary:

Mr Selvin Daniels was my circuit manager for 10 years. On my initial contact with Mr Daniels, he came across as a genial & affable person. Mr Daniels is a forthright & an honest person. He is an industrious & a conscientious person. He is a person with great humility. Mr Daniels is passionate about his work & all the things he undertakes to do. He works tirelessly with no compromises. Mr Daniels has served the education fraternity with great distinction. It is through Mr Daniels that I am, who I am, today!

It was under Mr Daniels' leadership that I developed myself professionally. Mr Daniels organised many workshops on skills, values, knowledge & attitudes. Mr Daniels was the “brain child” of the School Development Plan. He taught me many things, one of them being Strategic Planning using an Eclectic Model. Every meeting Mr Daniels conducted, was one of social cohesion. He was the mastermind of teamwork & teambuilding. Mr Daniels always gave us the opportunity to “speak our minds”. He created platforms for us to develop ourselves continuously.

Prof John Volmink:

His passion for educational transformation with the learner at the centre remains an inspiration. Over the years we worked together on various projects relating to education policy, research and professional development. I wish him well in his endeavour with future projects planning and facilitating teacher professional development, for which he is competent, well equipped and well suited. He surely will be an asset to any project providing professional development for school management teams and school governance.

Mr ME Isaacs Principal-Summit PS:

The professionalism and ethics that I am imbued with today is because of the visionary leadership and staff development programmes introduced to school leaders by Selvin Daniels during his stint as our circuit’s school inspector. Selvin believes in the holistic development of the manager/school leader and a strong team as well as the consistent development of all stakeholders to ensure the success of any organisation. Selvin constantly researched and developed staff development programmes or engaged professionals that can benefit the growth and development of his school leaders.

Circuit 5, the principal group for which Selvin was responsible for, became admired and known by schools in the Western Cape and educational authorities for the leadership qualities, development programmes and innovative and visionary approaches to education. This benchmark in excellence in educational leadership was all due to the visionary leadership and opportunities for development provided by this great mentor.


 Mr Daniels is a distinguished and highly trained education evaluator who has conducted numerous evaluations in schools and districts around the country. He conforms to protocols and is also flexible enough to deviate from protocols to ensure that the data collected is most reliable and valid for the research. He conducts himself in a very professional manner and serves as a role model and mentor to fellow evaluators. His facilitative and understanding approach always puts clients at ease and he elicits the greatest cooperation from them. His research outputs in the form of questionnaires, interviews and research reports are always of a very high standard. He prides himself in ensuring that evaluation reports adds value to the education endeavour

As an educationist, Mr Daniels has a very positive attitude to his work. He believes that he can make a difference and therefore constantly strives to influence others positively with his 'can do’ approach. He is a dynamic leader and understands the role of positive leadership in the education effort.

Mr Daniels is the consummate professional who inspires all with whom he comes in contact with. He is a strong leader, who is dependable and reliable and will be an asset to any organisation that he is associated with.

Mr C Isaacs - Principal York Rd PS:

During this time (early 2000’s), I was able to experience his leadership style which revolved around empowering the principals in his circuit. To this end, the circuit regularly engaged in a variety of Developmental Workshops lead by Mr Daniels to capacitate leadership amongst my colleagues. He was able to cascade a wealth of knowledge related to his knowledge of Education Policy at the time. It soon became apparent that the circuit had developed tremendous respect for his leadership style and absolute resolute fairness as he dealt with the Principals and the educators alike. He was never too busy to be contacted and would go the ‘extra mile’ to assist you with the challenges you encountered. In addition, Mr. Daniels always displayed an empathy for colleagues who managed schools immersed in trying social conditions.

Mr Daniels was the ultimate professional and ‘true gentleman.’ This trait seemed to transfer to the principals in the circuit. I often refer to the time in my career where I was empowered by his skills and knowledge.  


Mr A Benjamin - Principal Mountview SS:

Mr S. Daniels has been acquainted to me for a considerable length of time and ever since I have come to know Him in different capacities, inter alia as Educator and District Circuit Manager, he demonstrated passionate and visionary leadership as an Educationalist.

I have observed and experienced Mr S. Daniels’ passion for Professional Development amongst Principals and Senior Managers of both Primary and High schools. It is therefore with great admiration that I can report many successful efforts to capacitate and empower school leaders.

Mr S. Daniels has over the years developed strong and relevant management /educational leadership skills & techniques, analytical thinking, wealth of educational knowledge, positive and constructive school community action and a positive attitude. He is a person of high moral and ethical principles. He is tactful, fair and diplomatic but does not allow situations to cloud his judgement. His commitment to integrity at every level of communication exemplifies the concept of trust.

Mr Daniels will be an asset to any employer who seeks the services of an individual who can be trusted, respected and work within set educational parameters. He is no stranger to hard work and his positive visionary hopes for education are needed in the difficult changing and developing role being played by educational leaders in our democracy.


Richard Thwala - SACE CPTD Manager - Provinces & Members:

He (Mr Daniels) has been able to go beyond the call of duty, by ensuring that all educators in the same school is registered with the Council, which is actually a function of another Division. He has displayed a keen interest in research approaches, during Provincial Coordinators meetings.

He works mostly with Independent Schools supporting them through advocacy and training.

I have no doubt that Mr Selvin Daniels is ready for any task and/or challenges presented to him in order to find solutions

Shaheem Galant - Headmaster Islamia College:

Selvin who strongly asserted himself as a leader of note, and made the transition from old to new accessible and manageable. Mr. Daniels was clear in the vision he had for the principals of the circuit and commanded the respect of each and everyone through his amenable and encompassing personality.The inequities that existed between schools were  promptly addressed by Selvin,and his support and assistance to principals at the less privileged schools was to say the least impressionable and highly appreciated by everyone.

Mr.Daniels has the distinct ability to make informed decisions and appropriate judgement calls in terms of building capacity amongst those under his tutelage and mentorship.To this end he organized and facilitated workshops and seminars well worthy of making us successful in our schools as leaders and develop strategies to enhance the learning process. Under his leadership we were tutored on how to manage conflict and importantly how to deal with change in the context of building a nation. His modesty and affable nature made it easy and comfortable to, at any given time, call on him for support and assistance when challenging issues were presented to us.

An admirable attribute of Mr.Daniels that everyone was aware of, was his direct approach, honesty, integrity and unbiased, non prejudiced manner to reach amicable solutions. Selvin is an excellent exemplar of fairness and without patronage supported educators in their endeavours to overcome adversities in their careers.His open declaration of opposing racism was one of his key objectives in sensitizing teachers and students to embrace change in a changing society.


Anthony Pietersen - Director Metro Central Education District:

Mr Daniels is a skillful negotiator and has achieved great success in this regard. His administrative work has always been methodically and well presented and reflects the pride and dedication which characterized his work. Mr Daniels puts a lot of effort in empowerment of person resources and he does this practically via training and capacity building programmes which he initiates and presents.

He is honest, hardworking and loyal to his profession and carries with him the stature  and respect. He displays a deep concern for the need to redress, campaigning for the disadvantaged and serves as a true agent of change in this period of transformation.

Rachart Job - Colleague (Manenberg HS & WCED):

He (Mr Daniels) has a vast knowledge of the processes  involve in the establishment of the WCED. His ability to understand and assimilate the intricate nature of law and regulations pertaining to the new dispensation is a valuable asset. Besides theoretical he has a deep sense of what is practical and he concentrate on what  is needed to solve intricate problems. He is well aquanted with the needs of teachers and is sensitive to the plight of the community he serves.

Prof Brian O'Connell - Rector UWC & Former Head of WCED:

Mr Daniels is indeed a talented and dedicated educationist. He is driven by a profound understanding of the horrendous effects of apartheid. His teaching and management philosophy is based on the notion of empowerment. His pedagogy depends on respect for all. This belief in empowerment through democratic accountability is one of the chief characteristics of his leadership. He is a man of deep integrity who believes in the responsibility of leadership for the common good.

Mr Daniels is flexible and creative. He is capable of intense focus and concentration. He is fearless and forthright and will defend his position tenaciously, even if it involves great personal risk. He is however not doctrinaire and readily concedes to opposing views which have been thoroughly tested in argument.  His views are deeply considered, deeply held and articulately presented.

His capacity to depart from and inspire others to walk the road with him is clearly demonstrated in the manner which he inspired others. He is well informed and credible leader whose words and deeds in pursuit of freedom, truth, justice and knowledge have always been in concert. He is a man of integrity and talent

Andy Thulo - Umalusi Manager QAA :

Umalusi acknowledge and recognise the loyal service, best practices and duty.

Infinity Charis Academy (Private School - Cambridge):

I would like to thank you for coming to our school. This was a great privilege to come to our school and we appreciate it a lot.

Thank you very much for the forms and for your brilliant advice, we appreciate it a lot. At moment we are making many progress at our school.

Bergvliet HS:

Thank-you for the workshop you had for our Educators on 9 February 2018. The feedback from staff was as follows:

The content was very organised and easy to follow.  Your training exceeded their expectations. Your knowledge and communication skills were very good.  You were very helpful and interactive.

Thank-you for the ongoing support. 

Schools in Northern Cape - John Taolo Gaetsewe Education District :

Maikaelelo Primary Primary School (Olifantshoek)

Workshop was fruitful. I learnt a lot. The workshop was well conducted. More of this workshop will make us complete teachers. Halala REISA Halala!! Want another workshop on “the how”

 Langberg High School (Olifantshoek)

Every now and then you need to evaluate yourself and reflect and it is very important. Workshop was very much fruitful. Follow up to ensure the fire keep on burning.

Deben Primary School (Deben)

Follow up workshop needed. My wish is for REISA to organize a follow-up session if possible because it was really helpful and learn a lot. Thank you very much. Very fruitful workshop

Gamagara High School (Deben)

 Very helpful. Session was informative. I liked the fact that we participated effectively. Workshop well conducted. More informative. All members were actively involved

Sishen Intermediate School (Kathu)

Very fruitful workshop. Facilitator well knowledgeable and very prepared. This was a brilliant. A very informative workshop. Facilitatoin process was active and kept us on our feet. Workshop was informative.

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