Newsletter 7 Teaching the Poor - A triple Whammy

The triple whammy! Teachers are faced with a moral dilemma. All research and opinion suggests that high expectations are important in learning and teaching. Teachers on the left of the political spectrum support the notion that the purpose of schooling is to transform and change society. Let’s see how these two decisions impact on the daily decisions that teachers have to make wrt learning and teaching. Learners from poor communities arrive at school with serious deficits in their learning. Pitching the standards of teaching, learning and assessment too high is a moral dilemma. If the standard or its expectation is far too high this results in continued low self esteem and low performances...pitch it “appropriately” at a mediated expectation and you may consider yourself no longer leftist because you teach to reproduce and not change society. Outcomes-based philosophy is learner centred and learner paced teaching and learning. What is your view?

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