Newsletter 64 School Leadership


“We continue, however to write about important people, prize-winning people, blacks of grandeur, women of great fire, fame or wit. We do not write about ordinary people.”  Jonathon Kozol “On Being a Teacher”.


  • Leaders are people that can be relied on to set the right example and set standards within the business
  1. Be punctual – it shows dedication
  2. Act the way you expect the people in your office to act
  3. Work one on one as much as possible – it’s much harder to learn in a larger group
  4. Become a problem solver – if you can find the positives when its pouring with rain, other people will do the same
  5. Have a positive attitude no matter how your day went, don’t spend time with negatives
  6. Go into the field with excitement and urgency
  7. Find ways to stand out – impact people
  8. Be a great student – knowledge is power
  9. Make mistakes but learn from them – ask how to cope better next time
  10. Build relationships – you never know who might be the next big thing
  11. Be a great listener; be approachable and available
  12. Be consistent – treat everyone equally
  13. Be honest and sincere, people respect the truth
  14. Choose words carefully; be generous with praise, when deserved. Be constructive and sensitive with criticism.
  15. Dress, act and speak professionally, never forget that you are always setting an example. The respect given is largely based on how you are perceived
  16. Always be in control of your temper and emotions
  17. Admit your mistakes without being apologetic. Always let it be known that you are working on improvement
  18. Be a team player, support ideas that you don’t always agree with every decision has some positive value or intent.  Emphasise this and channel negative feedback properly.
  19. Seek advice and recognise the value of others points of view
  20. Always offer and solicit solutions instead of dwelling on problems
  21. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there, as long as you get there
  22. No excuses
  23. Good habits produce great results
  24. My success lies in teaching others
  25. Have blind faith in yourself
  26. If you don’t do it someone better than you will
  27. I’ll do whatever it takes
  28. Be organised
  29. Get to know your guys – past jobs, family, hobbies
  30. Effective work habits – set the pace
  31. Discuss the opportunity- growth, goals and direction

Don’t worry about the stormy seas, just bring the ship to shore

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