Newsletter 51 Organisational Behaviour for Dummies

I recently bought the book “Organisational Behaviour for Dummies” by Cary Cooper et al and was reading the very provocative cover of the book. It says;

“Learn about:

  • The psychology of the workplace
  • The role of individuals, teams, and groups in organisations
  • Personality, motivation, and leadership
  • How the modern workplace is changing.”

It reminds me of the school, teaching, and teachers. The professional identity of teachers also referred to as teacher professionalism and the professionalization of teaching implies a dimension beyond the call of duty, responsibilities for which teachers are not paid but implied by participating in a profession called teaching.  I hope that the next few articles in the series will set more light on this matter. The text refers to it as the “Unwritten Agreement: Psychological Contract”.

The other insight from only the cover of the book is articulated in its purpose defined as “Get up to speed on the science of human behavior in the workplace;

  • Gain powerful insights into why individuals behave the way they do in the workplace…
  • Benefit from the latest thinking on group and team dynamics
  • Get a clearer picture of the workplace
  • Get the latest on employee recruitment, development, and performance appraisals.”

In the next few weeks we will explore the text and introduce topics (in no particular order) such as:

  1. Working together
  2. Motivating the Workplace
  3. The Unwritten Agreement
  4. Assessing and Appraising
  5. Training and Development
  6. Tips for good employee relations
  7. Stress Occupations
  8. Tips for managing the manager.

Cooper et al indicate that “some job are more stressful than others” and argues that research in the UK suggests that amongst 26 occupation “teachers lead the table with the highest stress levels”. I will tell you more soonest.

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