Newsletter 5 Education International - Fred Van Leeuwen

Do you remember the roaring eighties and the clarion call for free and equal education? Of course you do! Have you ever ask the question why we replaced the discourse of equality with equity? It has somehow just slipped into the conversations about education and schooling.

Nic Spaull, researcher at Stellenbosch University at a Catholic School Conference on 13 October 2014 said that “In South Africa we have two public school systems".

At the Naptosa Congress of 31 October 2014 Fred van Leeuwen, General Secretary of Education International (EI) remarks that the

“theme of your Congress, ‘the challenges of quality and equity,’ (is) well known to Education International. We have learned time and time again that one cannot be attained without the other. We have seen how the best public education systems in the world exist within societies that make equity a priority. Where every child, girl or boy, is given a fair shot; when offered a seat in a safe classroom, afforded adequate learning resources, and provided with a quality trained teacher, the potential for students, their families, and their societies is vast. We know all that.”

“At Education International, we have campaigned on the foundation of three pillars: quality teachers and teaching; quality teaching and learning tools; and quality learning environments. Three pillars we believe are essential to a strong education system, and the blueprint to building a positive and sustainable future.


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