Newsletter 43 What are teachers saying about CAPS


It is time that we revisit CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) by canvassing what teachers are saying about CAPS;

  • Maskew Miller Longman in their newspaper (Classroom Solutions) stated that CAPS is not a new curriculum, but rather “a revisions of NCS”
  • “With CAPS each teacher in every subject should know what to teach, when to teach it, and how to do assessments,” says Prof Shalem at Wits
  • Shalem adds, “This curriculum review has the aim of lessening the administrative load on teachers and ensuring that there is clear guidance and consistency for teachers when teaching.”
  • The M&G reported that “Teachers will not be able to implement Caps, the new curriculum, in two provinces due to a lack of training.”
  • Carol Bertram of the University of KwaZulu-Natal's school of education has echoed the concern, saying she is not confident the Caps training workshops will have any effect on the quality of learning in classrooms. "What many teachers need is to build deep disciplinary knowledge and knowledge of how to effectively teach their particular subject to the particular learners in their class, Once-off workshops seldom lead to deep teacher learning and transformed professional practice."
  • IOL reported that in Durban some education stakeholders have raised concerns about the CAPS. “They say Caps (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) - heralded as the best curriculum in the new South Africa - is too time-focused and does not allow teachers enough time to do remedial work with pupils, as the curriculum is strict on how and when sections should be taught.
  • “If children struggle with concepts, teachers have to move ahead, there is no time to slow down and enable students to grasp the work,” said the KZN Parents Association’s South Durban chairman, Vee Gani. “The solution is that teachers have to work with the children outside of class, but that becomes difficult because there are transport issues and the teacher may have commitments.”
  • Teachers are worried about the consolidation of concepts and content – they say that pacing is far too prescriptive
  • The initial demand for a less administrative load has not been realized by CAPS
  • CAPS is asking too much, and not enough time for reinforcement
  • CAPS curriculum is demanding too much – learners are finding it stressful
  • A teacher was saying that because of the demand of CAPS she no longer has time for enrichment in her classroom. 

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