Newsletter 249 - School Development & Improvement Planning 2006-2009 - PART 25




Code of Good Practice
? Punctual
? Task focused
? Use discretion and prerogative wisely

1 School Principal – Absence (full or part of day) from school
? Informs IMG Manager (supervisor) (order of preference-use cell-phone, leave message if busy, send sms-text message with identification, use e-mail)
? Inform the school
? Activate regulatory requirements
? Delegation
? Complete and submit leave forms
? Sign registers.

2 School Principal, unless otherwise stated (and not a delegated person) must attend the
? Quarterly principals meeting
? Training and information sessions for principals
? Working committee meetings in Circuit.

3 A weekly newsletter for Circuit 6 has been established issued by the IMG
Manager in collaboration with the Circuit Team.

4 Only principal’s leave form to be submitted to EMDC for IMG Managers
recommendation and referral to H/O…all others directly to Head Office.

5 Only nominations for extra-ordinary and acting-promotions appointments are referred to the Circuit Manager for recommendation…all others directly to Head Office.

6 Salary sheets/advices, N&S documentation, Adverts to be posted directly to Head Office.

7 Educational excursions for day or part of the day
? Directly linked to curriculum
? SGB approval
? Parents approval
? All aspects of safety considered
? Send notification to IMG Manager

Excursion and tours for longer than one day…during school term
? Full application to HEAD-IMG via Circuit Manager – one full term notice
? Full programme and arrangements to accompany application
? Attach the approval of the SGB
? Circuit Team Manager to approve.

8 The Principal’s Forum is a voluntary association within the Circuit to facilitate
dialogue. The following protocol will apply
? Permission is granted for the Forum to meet once (1) per term from 14h00-16h00
? Chairperson to consult with the C/M about the intent of the Forum to meet and thereafter to consult with the C/M about the outcome of such dialogue.

9 Incidents at school – principals must report to IMG Manager all incidents at school
? Learner abuse
? Safety & Security
? Derelict and neglect of duty must be reported to the IMG Manager asap. Principal must exercise the necessary discretion…when in doubt seek advise from IMG Manager.

10 Visitation of District Office Support Staff / Officials to the school. Principal must ensure that the official meets with the school principal first, continue to conduct business and before departure meets with the principal (the purpose of the visit has been clarified and feedback is given to the principal). A visitation register must be maintained.

11 School must maintain a School Internal Quality Management System (SIQMS)
with the focus on curriculum management and implementation. The SIQMS must provide for the
? Supervision
? Monitoring (gather data) and Evaluation (analyze and interpret data)
? Moderation of learner and educator profiles
? Moderation of tests, assessment tasks, question papers, exam scripts
? Moderation of subject/learning area schedules, class schedules, grade schedules.

12 Establish e-mail & sms communication (including drop-off) in Circuit

13 Keep register for the earlier pick-up/collect of learners from school – by parent

14 In the event of SAPS having to call at the school to arrest/interview a learner, principals are advised not to interfere with this process, however it is strongly advised that principals “buy some time” make contact with the parents/guardians of the learner first. Make sure you have and confirmed all the identification and other appropriate detail

15 High School only – The principal must submit a written report of the analysis of each subject in the FET band (Grades 10-12) by the end of January 2009. This report must be accompanied with a written request for specific curriculum support

16 Carbon copy (cc) letters to IMG Manager send by principal to
? Directly to the Minister (or other politicians)
? Directly to Head of Department
? Directly to Director
? Directly to other Heads of Components

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