How are teachers and school leaders prepared for their roles?

  • Teachers’ typical educational attainment is higher than that of the general adult population in South Africa, but lower than in any other country or economy participating in TALIS. More than one out of two teachers (56%) have completed a short-cycle tertiary programme (OECD average 3%), while one out of four teachers in South Africa have not completed any tertiary education (South Africa 24% and OECD average 2%). However, about one out of five teachers have a Bachelor’s (18%), Master’s or (2%) or a doctoral or equivalent qualification (less than 1%).
  •  During their initial education and training, 81% of teachers in South Africa were instructed on subject content, pedagogy and classroom practice – a share that is not significantly different from the average of OECD countries and economies participating in TALIS (79%). In South Africa, 69% of teachers report having participated in some kind of formal or informal induction when they joined their current school, compared to 42% of teachers across OECD countries and economies participating in TALIS.
  • While school principals across the OECD generally consider mentoring to be important for teachers’ work and students’ performance, 22% of novice teachers (with up to 5 years of experience) have an assigned mentor. In South Africa, this share amounts to 50%.
  • On average across the OECD, school leaders usually have a higher level of educational attainment than teachers. However, only half of them complete a training course or programme for principals at least once before taking up their position as principal. In South Africa, 52% of school leaders have completed a programme or course in school administration or training for principals (OECD average 54%), and 54% have completed an instructional leadership training programme or course (OECD average 54%), before taking up their position as principal.

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