Newsletter 209 - Teachers...Let's Innovate!


By now all of us have been exposed to the conversation about the two options we have; innovate or die…organizationally I mean. When the discourse about the need to innovate OR change goes around we normally chat about three strategic things or matters namely;

  1. Structures & Systems
  2. Functions
  3. People.

According to Des Squire – Let’s get innovative (July 2019) “companies devote an enormous amount of time and energy talking about the importance of innovation OR change. Des is arguing that this call is a contradiction in terms because “everyone’s job is to maintain the status quo”. “You are snowed under making sure you are doing your job. Everyone’s role is defined and structured to create the best environment for doing that one thing as efficiently as possible”.

The world is dynamic and your job environment “can change” swiftly with “inevitable ages and decline”.

Des further postulate that innovation OR change;

  • Is not to be feared
  • Is not difficult
  • Is not impossible to instill in employees

Des then recommends the following actions;

  1. Set the right achievable goals
  2. Encourage your team(s) to think outside the box
  3. Give your people freedom to create
  4. Encourage your people to get results by doing things differently
  5. Designate a senior employee to drive the processes
  6. Diversity – thinking differently is a good thing.
  7. Nothing kills innovation OR change with we all think alike
  8. Allow time to innovate
  9. Accept failures along the way
  10. Reward innovation through performances evaluation
  11. Training, mentoring and coaching is key

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