Newsletter 204 - "Understanding School Violence" - A Reality Check!

It is said that the social cohesion of a society is measured best how it treats it most vulnerable; children and the elderly. This week I travelled to the Northern Cape and was horrified by the stories I am about to share with you. Stories that will leave you cold but also have you in tears. 

  • A local newspaper in Kathu reported that a learner was being sentenced to long prison for stabbing his teacher to death claiming the teacher is the reason he failed.
  • In Gauteng the news reported a learner appearing in court for stabbing a few of his colleagues with a knife - one died.
  • On the cellphone all and sundry is downloading an act of gangrape of a school girl by her fellow learners
  • The Cape Times reported that an estimated 600 000 learners with disabilities never get to school because of systemic lack of access.

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