Newsletter 190 - Advocacy – More Accounting & Business Studies in Schools

Advocacy – More Accounting & Business Studies in Schools


This article appears on the Department of Basic Education (DBE)


The status of learner participation of, and the success rate in Accounting and Business Studies continue to call for urgent attention in the Basic Education Sector.


Chief Education Specialist for Accounting and Business Studies, Mr Masango Mzikaise, said that,

  • “The number of learners taking Accounting and Business Studies has shown a steep decline from 143,962 learners in 2015 to 104,553 learners in 2018.
  • The main reason for the decline may be attributed to the perception that learners regard the subject as challenging and the fact that some schools only allowed learners take the subject along with Mathematics as a subject choice”.
  • “The DBE repealed the provision that makes it compulsory for learners to take Accounting with Mathematics through Circulars S13 of 2017 and Circular S3 of 2018.
  • This implies that any learner will be able to opt for Accounting as a subject choice. Also, an advocacy programme is still required to encourage learners at Grade 9 level to take Accounting as a subject of choice.
  • The combination of Mathematics, Physics and Accounting, should be promoted in township and rural schools as it provides learners with more post matric study options.
  • This subject stream is very popular in former Model C schools.
  • Another critical aspect to be considered is to equip teachers with the effective administration of the School Based Assessment to improve assessment practices in school.
  • This will propel teachers to set their own standardised assessment tasks, tests and examinations that are on the same standard as NSC Examinations,” explained Mr Mzikaise. 

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