Newsletter 15 Teachers & Cosmologists

Teachers work harder than cosmologists. The purpose of scientific research is to better understand how the micro and macro world works through hypothesis, experimentation and prediction. Our understanding of how the world works have greatly been enhanced through the dedication of key people as part of a collective endeavour over many hundreds of years. Today we know that more than 13 billion years ago it all started with the Big Bang. Energy was transformed into matter and life emerged. We now know that the presence and features of more than 75% of matter or energy is still to be discovered called dark matter. As you are reading this article be aware that you are traveling on earth at a speed of thousands of km per hour. Earth is speeding through our solar system at millions of km per hour. Galaxies are speeding towards us other are speeding away at another millions of km per hour. And with all this movement we have with great precision send a probe to Mars, millions of km from earth. The probe took more than ten months to reach Mars and today we have a Rover SUV riding on Mars collecting data…all manipulated from earth.

With all the certainty and accurate prediction of this going on in the Cosmos, we still do not understand the complexity of life, in particular human life on the planet earth. Teachers, Biologists, Sociologists and Psychologists DO NOT HAVE IT AS EASY as Cosmologists and Particle Physicists. I was once accused of being a Luddite because I could not see a resolution to the complexity of human life. WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PREDICT WITH CERTAINTY THE OUTCOME OF HUMAN ENDEAVOUR…but what if we can? Imagine the savings we can make through accurate prediction of SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT & LEARNER DEVELOPMENT!

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