Newsletter 111 School Development - Plan for change

In a world of change, the only constant is change itself. Schools need to respond to there environment. School leaders anticipate change by scouting the horizon for immenent change in the environment which may require the school to change some of its pratices...share this inlelligence with its school community and plan for this change. This state of readiness makes many assumptions about the state and nature of the school leadership...assumptions which require local testing. To sum it up in one word LEADERSHIP!

School development is "like baking a cake" and during each phase assumptions are made about the competency of the cook and its environment

  • You want to OR need to bake
  • Preparation phase
    • recipe
      • ingredients
      • precise quantities
      • order of mixing
      • timing of actions (how many time for how long)
      • nature of the actions (sifting, mixing, adding, ect)
    • ingredients
      • follow recipe (you can take the risk and not follow the recipe - improvise)
    • mixing
      • follow recipe (you can take the risk and not follow the recipe - improvise)
    • preparing the oven and greasing the baking tin
  • Baking phase
    • you wait and watch
  • Cooling off phase
    • you wait and watch
    • your mouth starts watering...but you wait
  • "Proof of the pudding is in the eating"
    • final assessment of success; it may be good and you may want it better...
    • to improve further (or do better) you may improvise OR comply with the requirements of the recipe

Remember in the context of Organisational Development improvisation is not bad; it may be what is required. Remember to play the game well and by its rules before you improvise to play the game better. Also be mindful of the difference between "doing the right thing" & "doing things right; "rules & results".

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