Newsletter 110 Science, Technology, English & Mathematics (STEM)

STEM is a critical part of our national agenda. Today my message to schools and teachers are very simple; "DO SCIENCE!" Build and design rockets, build and design dams, build and design windmills, generate electricity by green and greener means, build and design bridges, do computer coding, do more computer coding, build an earoplane, remodel a car engin from front to back, electrify a model house, do all the plumbing and do robotics...less talk. Just Do It !

Integrate science theory with practice

Integrate science with language

Learn through practice

Do, redo and do it over

Learn scientific theory...form hypotheses...test and retest

Apply knowledge and learn new knowledge.

What Needs To be Done

Start your science clubs

Connect with other clubs

Use the internet, google and youtube

Use your connections to advance

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