Newsletter 11 Professionalise the Public Service

The call to professionalize the South African Public Service is fraud with contradictions. This call is based on the false assumptions of lack of experience, accusations of nepotism and political influence. The government of the day has declared “a developmental state” as its national strategy for transformation of South African society. In accordance with this strategy the elected black government will get directly involve in our collective efforts to change the face of our society and in particular the economy.  This call to professionalize is therefore based on a falsehood that is in conflict with the trajectory of the organs of state. It further demands a separation of role and function of the political and administrative organs of state. Putting it in another way; “the Minister should not politically influence administrative policy direction and oversight”. Administrative appointment based on “merit” has become the clarion call; yet another falsehood. Whilst the elected government pursue the objectives of a developmental state the call to “professionalize” the Public Service is based on a pretence that is unproductive.

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