Newsletter 10 School Days - 200

The aspect of time is important in the delivery of the national curriculum. Two hundred school days are provided for both direct and indirect curriculum implementation. Teachers, like other public servant should work for 1800 hours. At the moment 1400 annual hours are accounted for with a minimum of seven hours per day. During the day learners are exposed directly to the curriculum between five-six notional hours. It is important to appreciate that these input factors are minimum prescribed hours and as a national standard is directly linked to the output-outcome factors of learner attainment. COMPROMISE THE INPUT FACTOR AND IT HAS A NEGATIVE EFFECT ON OUTPUT. School monitoring and evaluation is a critical throughput factor for success. However, in poorer school teachers and members of the SMT do not find time to perform this critical function during the school day...there is only so much time to spent during after hours. The result is that SMT members find it difficult to do justice to school monitoring and evaluation...remember they are teachers too. This bring me to the important dictum in M&E theory “that if it is not monitored it is most likely not happening”.

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