Neswletter 12 ICT Infrastructure?

Billions have been spent on school ICT infrastructure for no-fee schools in Gauteng Provincial Education Department. The Western Cape is poised to follow suit with its second wave after a dismal failure of the setting up school ICT infrastructure with outdated hardware and software at a cost of more than R500m and it did not even go out for tender. The South African poor surely needs more basic infrastructure such as proper schools, toilets, staffrooms and more resources. Providing schools with technology is not about an either or but rather a choice made. Could the education department have made better choices? Who are we to say? We are currently falling behind the rest of the developed world wrt ICT. Current and future economies are run on the basis of ICT. In the place of work, to be relevant both today and in the future we better be ready. What an awful choice? Suffice to say that the cost of ICT infrastructure is a rip-off inflated by more than six fold for the cost of installation of hardware and more than 60% on bandwidth and data. Larceny based on the collective  public ignorance.

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