Newsletter 9 Practical Coaching

For the past three months I have been busy with a project with SADTU volunteering my services as a coach. We implemented the Purple Tod 25hrs+ Practical Coaching with School Management Teams with the focus “The SMT as Collective Instructional Leadership”. The lessons learnt have been invaluable. Individual members of the collective (SMT) are very clued up with what their role and function is. What is lacking is an appreciation amongst individual members that the SMT is a collective whose core function is school management and leadership. The SMT should be more than the sum-total of its individual members. The collective should have cohesion and synergy with a clear vision of standards of performance and school improvement. They should have a systematic plan for school management and instructional leadership that is over-and-above their individual plans.  The collective must have a sense of purpose and direction. The only drawback is that educational policy does not provide for collective accountability but rather emphasize individual responsibility and duty.

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