Newsletter 6 Teacher Professionalism & Professionalisation of Teaching

There are two things about teachers which are important; how they view themselves and how others view them. In South Africa this has been a loaded question entangled by apartheid, the neo-liberal agenda, class and the notion of professionalism. Teacher professionalism (how teachers view themselves), and the professionalization of teachers (how other view teachers) must be seen in light of the purpose of education.  The purpose being change society for the betterment of mankind, or replicate our current unequal society. In South Africa this divide on purpose has divided the organised teaching profession into SADTU and the others...those for transformation (and radical change) pitted against the maintenance of the status quo. Whatever your view or orientation, for teacher professionalism we need (1) knowledge (2) autonomy to run our own affairs and (3) accountability from compliance to duty. 

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