Newsletter 251 - School Development & Improvement Planning 2006-2009 - PART 27




32 The overarching vision that informs ANC education policy is People's Education for People's Power.
33 Vulnerable children of veterans must be taken care of by the state.
34 Career guidance be a compulsory subject from grade 8 upwards.
35 We must progressively expand the school nutrition programme to include high school learners in poorer communities.
36 National norms and standards to be developed to determine the roles, functions and responsibilities of district offices.
37 Norms and standards should be developed to classify schools, given the variation of school types in provinces.
38 A policy on affirmative measures for HDIs with specific emphasis on infrastructure, access and staff provisioning
39 The duality of public servants elected as councilors undermines both or either of the two with regards to efficiency and this must be reviewed.
40 To affirm that all principals should undertake a leadership, management and governance course
41 To review Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) so as to ensure that it better responds to the skills demand.
42 The establishment of a national education evaluation and development unit for purposes of monitoring, evaluation and support.
43 The no fee schools be expanded to 60% by 2009.
44 Progressively introduce free education for the poor until undergraduate level.
45 The ANC to focus rigorously on the quality of education.
46 Education must be prioritised as one of the most important programmes for the next five years.
47 Maths, science and IT must be promoted and supported, including through Saturday tutorial programmes and bursaries be offered to teachers in this areas.
48 New curriculum must be accompanied with skills development of teachers.
49 Building of schools to replace mud schools must be included in the Expanded Public Works (EPW) programme.
50 We should recruit from foreign countries on scare skills such as maths and science.
51 The NEC should critically consider the outcomes of the recently held education summit with a view to implementing the proposals that emerged.

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