Newsletter 229 - School Development & Improvement Planning 2006-2009 - PART 4

? Effort does not guarantee success
? Acknowledge and reward good practice
? As manager you are paid to look after assets/resources
? Every line manager is a human resource manager
? Human resource managers create an enabling environment for staff and look after the most important asset namely people, “customers and clients”
? Planning strategically requires managers to scan the environment and to align to the changing external environment
? Selection of staff does not guarantee success … it only put the odds in your favour
? The line manager is the “last one standing” when there is total collapse or demise of the system … that is you. By the time you switch off the light. The Circuit Team Manager would have been long gone
? Most research on staff motivation and enhanced performance have the following issues in common
o Communication with staff
o Delegation to members of staff
o Development of staff
o Participation of staff
o Recognition of staff

The irony being that most of us expect but seldom give of these common issues … my advice to you is to use your circle of influence to maximize and give to your staff recognition, delegation, participation, development and communication.
? Clearly establish and identify your circle of influence and maximize it … recognize your circle of concern and minimize it
? Staff acknowledgement and reward

The main purpose of this manual is to provide school principals with a GUIDE to School Development and Improvement Planning (SDP), PRESCRIBE SDP, provide for a MINIMUM STANDARD in SDP and finally to STANDARDIZE SDP.
SDP is the process and outcome of the sum-total School Annual Planning (SAP) and School Improvement Planning (SIP).
School Principals, as school managers will agree that planning is not an option, it is a necessity.
School Development and Improvement Planning (SDP) in the short, medium and longer term is not going to be without its challenges. Principals are mindful of the many dangers and loopholes of
? Over planning
? Trying to get the balance right between management, leadership and planning
? Making planning a living part of the processes of management and leadership
? Ensuring that planning is always appropriate and relevant to the context
? Getting the balance right between theory (thinking of planning) and planning (just doing it)
? What and how to prioritize … making difficult choices because there is only so much that the organization can do within the limited time
? Insufficient planning.

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