Newsletter 19 Instructional Leadership in Action - Coaching

“Instructional Leadership in Action” by SHEEBA JACOB on Sep 8, 2015


I found Sarah Green Carmichael’s article in the Harvard Business Review in which she interviewed five well-known sports coaches and their thoughts on what it takes to coach effectively.

The coaches mentioned several key ideas on what it took to successfully lead their players:

·         Leading by example

·         Encouraging players instead of criticizing them

·         Coaching players individually based on their needs

·         Making progress tangible through clear goals

These key ideas remind me of the work successful instructional leaders can do every day to support their teachers. This support ranges from providing professional development opportunities to giving targeted feedback. I explained what targeted feedback is and how instructional leaders can use this important professional support with their teachers.

Targeted feedback is

  • framed around actionable improvements
  • based on evidence of teaching strategy and student response
  • situated within a context

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