Newsletter 107 Curriculum Coverage


This newsletter should be read in conjunction with newsletter 33

Elaine Swanepoel reported in the Sunday Rapport 02 July 2017 that the Department of Basic Education issued a presentation stating the more than 60% of schools DO NOT COMPLETE the annual national curriculum.

In a sample of seven Education District schools have completed between 10%, 20%, 28%, 42% and 50% of the annual national curriculum.

Elaine makes the following claims;

  1. South African learners on average spent more time in school than their counterparts in other developing countries but only complete 50% of the annual national curriculum
  2. Educationists blame the incompetence of teacher for the incomplete curriculum coverage
  3. Dr Simmonds from North-West indicates that teachers are incompetent to complete the curriculum
  4. High school learners in various countries spent the following time in schools
    1. South Africa & Australia 28hrs
    2. Brasil & Russia 25hrs
    3. France 24hrs
    4. China  & Kenia 35hrs
    5. Zimbabwe 42hrs
  5. Dr Simmonds caution that conditions in South Africa is different than the cited countries and that in South Africa you have large class sizes
  6. Valentine van der Merwe says that the South African curriculum is too loaded and does not allow for consolidation and the school calendar is shrinking
  7. Rapport has it on good authority that a large amount of high schools has had no classes during the last week of school.

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